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OXO Coffee Dripper



Well known for their line of kitchen gadgets and accessories, OXO made their first foray into coffee a few years ago with their press pot brewers. The OXO Pour-Over Coffee Maker blends the world of pour over coffee quality with ability to brew without babysitting your brew. 

What is a OXO Coffee Dripper?  

The OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with water tank is an innovative, fuss, free way to brew pour over coffee at home. Just add grinds, pour in hot water, and the pour over coffee maker will take it from there. The water tank features a precise hole pattern that automatically distributes hot water evenly over coffee grounds at just the right rate to maximize flavor. 


  • OXO Coffee Dripper
  • #2 Flat bottom coffee filters
  • 22g Medium ground coffee
  • Scale*
  • Timer (if one is not built into scale)
  • Gooseneck Kettle* / Hot Water (360g @ 205°)
  • Mug or carafe to brew into



  • Place the dripper on your mug or carafe.
  • Place the filter in the dripper and rinse with hot water to remove the paper taste. Discard the water in the mug or carafe. 
  • Place 22g of ground coffee in the filter and lightly shake to level the grounds bed. 
  • Place water tank on top of dripper.
  • Place the mug or carafe with the dripper on the scale and tare it to 0. 


  • Start the timer and pour all the hot water into the center of the ground coffee, saturating all the grounds. 
  • Cover with the lid
  • Wait about 2:30-3 minutes for all the water to drain out of the tank, through the dripper, and into your mug or carafe.
  • Remove the water tank from the dripper and discard the used coffee grounds and filter. 
  • Enjoy

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