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The impact that is first created happens within the four walls first. It happens internally, the community and family that is built through the staff. It’s the dynamic serving alongside one another. Having the opportunity to impart life lessons in kindness, service, hard work, and genuine love for others. Though they might not always be an active member of our force, they carry with them the foundations and lessons that make up who Steam Anchor is! 

“… I just wanna take a moment to say thank you. Thank you (Steam Anchor) for not only pushing me beyond my comfort zone but for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. I'm so happy and honored to be apart of this amazing team! I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for me.” -Jade Tharp


The next impact is externally within our community and our guests. Steam Anchor donates to numerous local organizations, schools, clubs, not for profits, and more. We LOVE our communities, and we will continue to support and rally behind them, as we are one of them. With that, we are honored by the impact that happens just by the action of serving with authentic love for others. The stories are endless with the love people have for their local coffee hot spot and food joint!


“Iris wanted to be a barista for career day at school, but not just any barista a Steam Anchor barista!” – Kendra Terry

“When your daughter wants to be a "Steam Anchor Girl" for Halloween you make it happen! Ben even lent her a frothing cup because "every barista needs a frothing cup" -Cathy Overbeck

“Steam anchor has been a place I have gone to almost “escape” whatever is going on in my life. Aside from the AMAZING food and drinks, they truly provide a unique, calming, and inviting vibe… God truly works his magic through these amazing people and it’s amazing to be a part of. They are all family, & they treat there customers as if they’re a part of it too. I will never chose anywhere else over Steam Anchor Coffee Co. and I feel blessed to have such an amazing business in my town.” -Crystal Phillips


“Steam Anchor Coffee Co. is a business that will grow and be successful for many years to come! The food is absolutely unparalleled. The sandwiches are fresh and have great flavor. The owners have a heart for their people and have made a business that very obviously is grounded in a vision to serve others and create an amazing experience. The community is so lucky to have them! I am a business owner too and I'm so glad to be able to recommend them those that I come across.” – Mindy Hochgesang

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